Therapy by Video or Phone

Therapy by video is an excellent way to work through difficulties when you
are unable to come into my office for a face-to-face contact. It is also an
excellent means to continue the therapy conversation after you have
completed in-office therapy. Through Skype, we can set up an audio or
video conversation directly through your computer. To set up Skype, click
on the link below.

The process works just the same as if we were sitting face-to-face. We
would set up an initial evaluation and then make subsequent
appointments by telephone or Skype for individual sessions. If you have
completed in-office therapy and wish to continue the therapy conversation
by phone, sessions are typically 20 minutes in length and structured to
assist you in rapidly getting to the core of your experience. We go through
a process to assist you in releasing any negative emotions or thoughts
that are holding you back or getting in the way to your personal
happiness. We then look at how you might create a new possibility for
feeling, being or action between then and the next time we meet.

Through on-going phone sessions, you begin to master the art of
releasing negative emotions
at will and reduce the time where you remain
"stuck". You really can get to the point where the moment any negative
thought or feeling enters
is the same moment they go out. Through phone
therapy, you have an on-going resource to assist you in creating greater
and greater flow in your life. For more information or to schedule an
appointment, please
email me or call 877-372-8784.
Skype Me™!