Insurance and Fees

My standard fees are as follows:

Payment is due at the time services are rendered--and I accept both
checks and credit cards. If you have insurance that covers outpatient
psychotherapy, I will give you a monthly statement with all the necessary
information for you to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

The Initial Assessment and Evaluation includes a full assessment of your
presenting problem including identification of troubling emotions; your
background including family relationships, relationship history and
patterns in your life; identification of goals and intentions for therapy; an
opportunity to clarify any questions you might have.

A 60-minute session is standard for most sessions and allows for an
optimal amount of time to address your feelings and situation at a
comfortable pace.

A 75-minute or 90-minute session is sometimes beneficial for couples in
that it gives ample time to work with, and process out, certain exercises
that I will have you do. Sometimes a 120-minute session is desirable
because we will deal with situations more intensively and thoroughly in
one sitting. This can be optimal vs. waiting for another week to deal with
related issues.

The fee for hypnotherapy is $195 per session. Each session is
specifically designed for your unique situation or problem. Smoking
cessation is a specialized service and is a proprietary approach where
you will kick the habit in just one session. The cost for the
Quit Smoking In
One Hour session is $595 (discounted $200 if referred by a health care
provider or through this site) and has a lifetime guarantee.

Specialized seminars are 1 to 2 hours in length and are focused on
mastering certain techniques and processes that will make a difference to
your on-going personal and relationship growth.

For many people, the cost and duration of therapy is often a factor in
deciding whether to seek professional help. One of the prevailing beliefs
about therapy is that it takes a long time to solve problems. For many
problems and situations, that is simply not so. My approach is rapid and
focused compared to some approaches which may take many months or
years. Statistically, most people who seek help from me obtain substantial
benefit within 6 to 12 sessions. It is not uncommon for some people to
work through an issue in just a few sessions. Your individual situation may
vary but this can give you a rough estimate on your total cost of therapy.

Another factor that many people consider when seeking help is the
unpredictability of the therapy process. If I invest the time and money, will I
get the results I am looking for? Therapy, for the most part, does make a
positive difference in people's lives (
Consumer Reports study, 1995). If
there is any one factor that results in the success of therapy it is your
commitment to the process and to the accomplishment of your individual
goals. I cannot guarantee results but I can guarantee that I will give you
my total attention and energy to the betterment of your situation. I am
confident that you will discover new possibilities for health and happiness
once you discover its source, and that source is within you.

If you have any further questions please call or
email me and I will be glad
to discuss your situation further to see how we might work together.
90-minute Initial Assessment: $195
50-minute session: $175
Hypnosis sessions: $195
Quit Smoking Session: $395
Group Therapy: $240/per month
Specialized seminars: Free for
current clients.
Surviving an Affair: 60-minutes
(Proprietary Program): $195/hr
Kimberly DeLamar, M.A.
60-Minute Session: $120

Mary Curtis, CCH
75-Minute session: $100
Discounts on services are available for clients who pay
for a certain number of sessions in advance. Feel free to
discuss with me.